YoWhatsApp Apk Download Latest version (Official) 2022

    You can download and install YoWhatsApp APK on your phone from this article. The app is completely free. Yowhatsapp is actually a modified version of WhatsApp with some advanced and unique skills. It has more and more convenient functions than WhatsApp.

    There are many WhatsApp mods available, like FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and FouadWhatsApp. The feature I like the most about YOWhatsApp is Airplane mode. It allows me to pause WhatsApp whenever I want. It simply disables the internet for WhatsApp.  If you have an Android device, then you can download YoWhatsApp APK and install it on your Android to enjoy its cool and awesome features.

    If you’re one of those people who are searching for Android to be able to double open WhatsApp on your phone, you can also use YoWhatsApp on your Android. You don’t need to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use this app. You can also look at GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApphe and FouadWhatsApp to add apps to Android.

    yowhatsapp download new version 2022
    What is YoWhatsApp?

    If you’re looking for a link to download YoWhatsApp, you’re on the right track. In this article, we will introduce you to the latest version of YoWhatsapp and provide you with YoWhatsApp APK download of the latest version of YoWhatsapp. You can download YoWhatsApp here ☞ YoWhatsAPP APK.

    📢 It’s worth noting that YoWhatsAPP only works on Android devices, so if you’re using another operating system, YoWhatsAPP isn’t for you. It is not available in the Play Store. You can download it from a third party website. You must be careful to download the correct YoWhatsApp APK installation package. Otherwise you may download some files infected with malware

    What Is YoWhatsApp ?

    YoWhatsApp is currently one of the best WhatsApp MOD Apps on the Internet. If you are looking for a similar application, such as WhatsApp and some of its other modifications, then you are well suited to download YoWhatsApp Apk. The app was developed by Yousef Al Basha, so it is called “Yousef Al Basha YoWhatsApp”.

    If you want to enjoy hidden presence, blue scale reading messages, customizable themes, ICONS, privacy modules and more, you can download the YoWhatsApp application and experience these features immediately.

    It’s worth noting that you can use YoWhatsApp with the official WhatsApp app or any other WhatsApp Mod app. The update time of YoWhatsApp is about 2-3 months, if you want to get the latest version of YoWhatsApp to download in time, please don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit it often.

    YoWhatsApp APK File Information

    Version Name9.60
    App Size52.0 MB
    App NameYOWhatsApp
    Root Required
    Last UpdatedMar, 2022

    Features of YoWhatsApp

    Airplane Mode (DND)✈️

    Airplane mode is one of the best features in the YoWhatsApp Mod. Let me explain this functionality briefly. If someone sends you a message on WhatsApp while you are watching a video, you will feel annoyed. However, if you use airplane mode on YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp will not use your Internet and you will not receive any message.

    Flight mode
    YoWhatsApp Flight mode

    Theme Options

    YOWhatsApp has the best  unique customization tweaks with daily theme updates. You can customize it the way you like to. You can also design your own themes for YOWhatsApp community.


    Status Mods

    By using YoWA Apk you can pretty easily hide your online, typing, recording and last seen status. You can also hide your blue & double ticks. No will be able to see your status that you are online or your last seen. Isn’t it cool?


    Record Without Keep Touching Phone: Tap the record button and swipe up to keep recording your voice without the hassle of keep touching voice icon until you record.

    Call Blocker: Now you can block individual WhatsApp calls or allow who can call you on WhatsApp with this YOWhatsApp latest version 9.60

    Set Home Screen Wallpaper: You were able to set wallpaper on the chat screen, but now you can also set wallpaper on the WhatsApp home screen.

    Themes: If you are already bored with the regular layout and theme of default WhatsApp messenger, then you should get YoWA 2022 version. If you want to customize your WhatsApp, then you can change them of WhatsApp using YoWhatsApp for Android. Do note that new themes are introduced in every new update, so you can get an unlimited number of themes for WhatsApp.

    Privacy Options: Privacy options are the first advantage you get with YoWhatsApp apk. By using YOWhatsApp Android you can hide online status, blue ticks (read the message), recording status, double tick, and many more.

    Anti-Ban: Yo WhatsApp messenger is an anti-ban app, so don’t worry about getting your account banned. Moreover, you can enjoy using this app as long as you want and can send messages without any limits.

    App Lock: Another good thing about the latest Yo WA is that you can put an app-lock in it without downloading any third-party app locker. It comes with in-built app locker that allows you to put a PIN or Passcode as your password to open the app.

    Anonymous Messaging: There’s a limitation in WhatsApp, that you can’t send messages to someone unless you’ve their number. In latest YoWhatsApp update you can send messages to anyone without saving their contact number in your phone.

    Media Sharing: Nowadays sharing files over the internet is everyone’s need and with YoWhatsApp you can send high-quality images without any limits. Moreover, with Yousef Al Basha YoWhatsApp you will be able to send videos up to 700MB without any restrictions.

    Font Change: Choose custom fonts for your WhatsApp.

    Enable Dark Mode: This app supports dark mode, read more.

    How To Download & Install YoWhatsApp on Android

    download yowhatsapp apk

    Using YoWhatsApp is simple, and you can do it easily without any assistance. Though there are some people out there who are not good at new things. So you might want to know how to get started with the YoWhatsApp app. Here’s how to use YoWhatsApp 9.60 App.

    • First of all download YoWhatsApp APK latest version for Android phones from below download link:
    • Once you have downloaded the YoWhatsApp APK file, install it on your device.
    • Then you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp on your phone.
    • You also need to back up your data before uninstalling the WhatsApp.
    • After installing YoWhatsApp, you can recover your data.
    • Now, you can use the YoWhatsApp APK .
    • When you will open YoWhatsApp for the first time, it will ask you to provide a mobile number for verification.
    • Choose your country from the list and enter your phone number. You’ll receive an OTP to verify your device.
    • Now you can enter your name and profile picture for WhatsApp.
    • Once done, just click on the 3 dots (menu) option on the top-right corner and click on YoMods.
    • Now you can find a list of all features that YoWhatsApp provides in the latest YoWhatsApp version.

    Permissions required in YOWhatsApp APK

    Kill Background Tasks
    Internet Access
    Access Device Location
    Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
    Get Accounts
    Read Contacts
    Modify Audio Settings
    Record Audio
    Send SMS
    Write Contacts
    Write External Storage
    Use Maps Services

    Pros of YOWhatsApp

    • Anti-Delete Message/Status means when someone accidentally sends you a message, they remove it. It will stay on your phone.
    • Enable Airplane/DND mode will let you use your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages.
    • Custom themes will give you a fresh look at this app.
    • You can share more images with one click.
    • The forwarded tag will not show when you forward messages.

    Cons of YOWhatsApp

    There are some cons of YoWhatsApp APK, which you might want to know before installing this app.

    • Can not backup data to Google Drive.
    • Not an official version, so might be a risk of security.
    • Works a bit slower than official WhatsApp.

    Final Words

    YoWhatsApp v9.60 APK is the latest version of YoWhatsApp from Yousef Al Basha with new and improved features. In the YoWhatsApp Android app you can enjoy having more themes and privacy options, some more new customizable controls are added to the app too.

    Though there are a lot more WhatsApp mod apps available over the internet, the YoWhatsApp app is the best among them. When you will do YoWhatsApp 2022 download, then you will get the complete installation package of YoWhatsApp.

    If you have used YoWA before or knows something about it, then do let us know about it too via comments below. Also, remember that it is always recommended to do YOWhatsApp APK download the latest version so you can enjoy all features. So what are you waiting for, download YoWhatsApp for Android today? Stay tuned for more cool tricks like these.

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