FMWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2022 Official

    You can download the latest FMWhatsApp APK from this article. FMWhatsApp APK is another modified version of the Whatsapp, which was created by third-party developers. It has many different features, such as hiding online status, blocking calls, do not disturb mode, theme support, and so on.

    The most useful feature of FMWhatsApp is, you can download status directly. Save status of any video or image directly from FMWhatsApp. Additional features like hiding Online status, disabling the internet connection of Whatsapp, sending bulk messages, sending scheduled messages, etc makes the app more useful.

    whats is fmwhatsapp
    whats is FMWhatsApp

    There are also many versions of WhatsApp modules available, such as FouadWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. You can install these modules on your Android device and use them.

    Download FMWhatsApp

    If you are among the people who want to get rid of WhatsApp limitations, then you might be interested in knowing about FM WhatsApp for Android. FMWhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application which is developed by an independent developer.

    📢 It’s worth noting that the FMWhatsApp sub app is currently only available for Android devices and you must download the FMWhatsApp Apk to manually install it on your device.

    What is FMWhatsApp?

    It is one of the top MODS for WhatsApp developed by popular developer Fouad MODS. In FMWhatsApp, you will get WhatsApp Messenger with extended features as well as chat features. You can use your WhatsApp mobile number to register with FMWhatsApp and you will be able to use the extended features. Your contacts won’t know you’re using a MOD version of WhatsApp, you can use it privately. Also, FMWhatsApp has some cool features that will help you control your privacy.

    fmwhatsapp app download

    If you are a private person then FMWhatsApp is strongly recommended as you have complete control over your privacy. It gives you a lot of functionality, including freezing the last view, increasing call limits, hiding view state, and more. We’ll show you all of its privacy features later in this article.

    Apart from its privacy features, you can also share big files with your contacts and avoid all the sharing restrictions. In WhatsApp messenger, you can only upload a video that is under 16Mb. But using FMWhatsApp, you can upload video file size up to 700Mb which is really great. There will be no restriction in FMWhatsApp at all and you can use it for free without any hassle.

    So now you know what FMWhatsApp is and what it does. 

    Download FMWhatsApp Latest for Android 2022

    fmwhatsapp app download

    You are going to download FMWhatsApp Latest v9.25 for Android. I will try to help you in everything to get things done fast so you can instantly start using FMWhatsApp on your phone. First, have a look at the file information so you can know some necessary details such as version, size, etc.

    FMWhatsApp file information:

    Size50.20 MB
    Package Namecom.fmwhatsapp
    Android requires5.0 or above
    DeveloperFouad MODS
    Updated on
    24 March 2022

    FMWhatsApp Featurs

    FMWhatsAPP download new version

    Hide Online Status

    Most interesting feature of FMWhatsApp is, this app lets you hide online status on your WhatsApp. You can hide last seen on official WhatsApp, this app allows you to hide even online status while you are using WhatsApp.

    This is the best feature of FMWhatsApp, there are many more like Freeze always online, with this you can always show your WhatsApp status to online (requires active internet connection always to work).

    Privacy & App Lock

    Privacy features are the main reason why people prefer using WhatsApp MOD apps like FMWhatsApp. You can hide blue ticks, second tick, typing status as well as recording status using 2022 FMWhatsApp.

    When you will download FM WhatsApp’s latest version 2022 you can also lock the app with a pattern or PIN to make it secure. All of these settings can be found in Menu -> Fouad Settings.

    Media Sharing

    You can download APK FMWhatsApp 2022 for Android if you want to get rid of WhatsApp media limits. With FMWhatsApp you will be able to send more than 30 images at once and files of size up to 700MB at once from Mega Filmes HD APK.

    It can be video, document, audio, or anything else, everything can be sent over FMWhatsApp without any issues. Join & Share WhatsApp Groups using this website.


    If you are bored with the regular WhatsApp layout then you can change the way how it looks. Themes for FMWhatsApp is provided by the developer of YoWhatsApp so both have the same theme store. Every day new themes are added to the store which you can download for free.

    Regular Updates

    If you want to do the latest FM WhatsApp download for Android then keep visiting this page. There is no FMWhatsApp official website available, so we will keep updating the download link with the latest FMWhatsApp version as soon as it is released.

    Emoji Variant

    Apart from built-in emojis in your keyboard app, you can also choose the emoji variant you want to use with FMWhatsApp. You can select among Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3, Android 0 emoji, and many more. To enjoy this feature you must do FMWhatsApp9.25 APK latest version download from the below link.

    Other Features – We have listed only a few features that you can enjoy after doing FM WhatsApp latest version download from this page. Apart from the above-mentioned features, you will be able to:

    • Pin upto to 100 chats (3 in official WhatsApp).
    • Filter calls to allow only some contacts to call you.
    • Disable message recalling so messages can’t be deleted by the sender.
    • Use the app without rooting your Android device.

    Pros of FMWhatsApp APK

    Here are some of the top features of FMWhatsApp APK.

    • Anti-Delete Message/Status means when someone accidentally sends you a message, they remove it. It will stay on your phone.
    • Enable Airplane/DND mode will let you use your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages.
    • Custom themes will give you fresh look of this app.
    • You can share more images with one click.
    • The forwarded tag will not show when you forward messages.

    There are many more features in this app, simply explore and try.

    Cons of FMWhatsApp APK

    Every good thing comes with some cons too, here are some of the downsides of this app.

    • Can not backup data to Google Drive.
    • Not an official version, so might be risk of security.
    • Works a bit slower than official WhatsApp.

    Final Words

    Whatsapp has always been with us for a long time, and we love it using, but being an official version makes it put some limitations on it. There were some things we were asking for, but unfortunately, WhatsApp couldn’t add all those demanded features due to some reason. “FM WhatsApp 2022” easily surpasses the official version of WhatsApp with its amazing features. So go give it a shot, believe me, you won’t stop using it once you install it. Download FM Whatsapp now from the links given in the middle of the article.

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